Deck the halls: How to win the holidays in style



Find everything you need for holiday decorating and hosting at and make it a season worth celebrating

Making it through the holidays with your reputation as a good guest and party host intact is your new goal. If the endless stream of party invites and a hankering to throw a get together of your own is making you break a sweat, we’ve got the decor tips, perfect hostess gifts, and ultimate table setting guide to get you through holidays, courtesy of 

Holiday Decor

There’s something magical about a home transformed from an everyday adobe into a twinkling wonderland. Whether you’re living in 450 square feet in New York City or a 5,000 square foot ranch in Texas, holiday decorations set the tone for the season and serve as a reminder that it’s time to party. Adding living plants and flowers to your decor will not only boost your mood and help you relax, according to science, but it can also spark great conversation and fond memories. Read more…

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Deck the halls: How to win the holidays in style